Only folder currupted. What to do best?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Only folder currupted. What to do best?

#1 Post by kawe » 20 Nov 2017, 12:31

Hi everyone, :-).
My name is Stephan, I am German and though I am new to this forum I am not entirely new to TestDisk.
I'd prefer to post my questions here in the English forum because I noticed the chance to get a reply is much higher here.

Here my case:

I have got an SD-card partly used for taking photos but also for exchanging PC data from office to home and vice versa.

When I watched a recently taking movie on this card on my notebook at home, a loose connection, an eletric pulse or something like this has appeared for a moment ...
Whatever happened, the file system has been partly demaged in a very special way I have never seen before:

The stick *can* still be mounted and accessed. The root folder and all other data are intact except one folder:
When openening the DCIM-folder (containing the photos and movies from my camera) I don't get its content shown but only one single big file with a cryptic name (like USB[@sdfsödlkö#23²\f...).

I have already run PhotoRec for a while in deep mode and the first results are very good. Pictures and movies can be restored (though the movies are segmented in the two ftyp- and mdat-parts that can easily be concatinated).

Here my question:

As the files have *not* been deleted and the patition table and even even (most of) the allocation table an directory structure are ok - is there a faster or even better (filenames) safe way to restore the lost data in this special case?


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Re: Only folder currupted. What to do best?

#2 Post by cgrenier » 21 Nov 2017, 07:06

You can use chkdsk under Windows as administrator to fix the filesystem.
See chapter "Repairing filesystems from Windows".
Sometimes chkdsk fix the problem by removing all corrupted directory entries (~ all files), so you may want to keep the files recovered by PhotoRec for the moment.

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