How can I access files on IMAGE.DD file?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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How can I access files on IMAGE.DD file?

#1 Post by marduix » 20 Dec 2017, 17:26

Dear friends,

I have been working with Testdisk-7.0 the last 5 days, because I found my 2Tb internal HD was unable to access normally.

After reading quite a lot of the technical documentation for Testdisk, finally I got an image of 1.7 Tb of my HD. I tried to understand what I need to do with this file, accessing to my PST file (Outlook local files). All the other files are not important to me, because I already have a copy somewhere, but the PST files ARE VERY VERY IMPORTANT, otherwise I will lost my last 3-4 months emails (personals and business)

Would you mind to help me, what I need to do the following with the IMAGE.DD file just to see where are those files?

Best regards from Spain.

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Re: How can I access files on IMAGE.DD file?

#2 Post by cgrenier » 20 Dec 2017, 17:53

image.dd file is an image of a partition or of your disk.
Unless there were bad sectors, it's an exact image. If the filesystem was corrupted, the copy of the filesystem is in the same state: corrupted.
image file are usually for forensics purpose.

Read about common problems and solutions. It may help you to gain access to your lost files.

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Re: How can I access files on IMAGE.DD file?

#3 Post by LxMaD » 21 Dec 2017, 13:33

First of all: Using testdisk since a few days, I'm not really a professional.
If you want to analize the image using testdisk, you would need to open it first. That (should) be done (on windows) opening a console, navigating your testdisk folder using "cd" (cd .. is on path down, ls will list all files in that folder). Once you're in the folder containing testdisk_win.exe you should type : "testdisk_win.exe PATH", in my case it was testdisk_win.exe K:\rescue\image.img. Testdisk should open your image now.
Once you're there, try selecting the disk, choose the partition table type (for me it was Intel, hopefully it will detect it for you as well) and start your recovery. My image still was readable, so try choosing "advanced", "list", and then you can copy the file to another disk if testdisk can view folders. If it can't see your folders, someone else will have to help. You could try using photorec if that office file type is supported.

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