Thumbnail JPEG's Only

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Thumbnail JPEG's Only

#1 Post by falcon325 » 26 Dec 2017, 19:31

I am recovering photos off a 32GB microSD card. The card was full to the max, and I had some issues with the battery, so I think the headers were overwritten. I am running Photorec on a Macbook Air, but I also have a Macbook Pro, and an Alienware desktop with 64gb ram, and hexcore i7, if you think Photorec would perform better on any of those platforms.

I have successfully run Photorec twice. The first time, I did it in Paranoid mode, and it pulled only thumbnails (t*) from the jpegs. The second time I ran it in non paranoid mode. In this mode, Photorec finds the images, they are labeled f*, and they quickly pop up in finder, at the proper size. However, they quickly disappear (in about 1-2 seconds), in the f* size, and reappear in the t* size. If I click on the f* jpegs before they disappear, an error message pops up which says file not found.

Great program. Thanks for the assistance.


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Re: Thumbnail JPEG's Only

#2 Post by cgrenier » 27 Dec 2017, 08:05

When using PhotoRec, choose [Whole] instead of [Free] after selecting the partition.
You can also set Keep Corrupted Files to Yes in the Options menu.
What are the results ?

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