How do you recover individual xlsx files?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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How do you recover individual xlsx files?

#1 Post by webmalone » 15 Jan 2018, 20:30

I'm trying to recover 1000s of .xlsx files from a network share.

My first 2 passes didn't recover any xlsx files and I now see I need to use the .zip option.

So I restarted the scan for only the .zip file collection and so far it's said to have found 1 .xlsx file and its just growing bigger and bigger ... it got to 22gb after a few minutes so I stopped it and tried to open the massive file but no luck.

How can I get the individual xlsx files?

Please help!


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Re: How do you recover individual xlsx files?

#2 Post by cgrenier » 17 Jan 2018, 07:21

To avoid extra large file when using PhotoRec, do not disable all file formats. Finding a new file helps photorec to identify the correct end of the file it's actually recovering.
But how have you recovered from a NAS ? PhotoRec and TestDisk do not work on network share.

Extract from the documentation:
There are 3 kinds of storage:
• Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or local storage for hard disks connected via * IDE/PATA * SATA/eSATA *
SAS * firewire * devices connected via USB (external disk, digital camera, thumb drive, phone...) in USB mass
storage mode
• Storage Area Networks (SAN) * Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) * Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) * iSCSI,
mapping of SCSI over TCP/IP
• Network Attached Storage (NAS) * Windows share (CIFS/SMB) * Network File System (NFS) * Phone or
digital camera in Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) mode (even if connected via USB)

TestDisk & PhotoRec can recover data from DAS and SAN storage. For NAS server (QNAP, Synology...), they need
to run on the server itself or the disks need to be moved to a computer running Linux (sometimes FreeBSD). TestDisk
& PhotoRec can store recovered data on any storage available from your computer. When recovering deleted files, be
careful to avoid writing new data to the same partition the files were stored on.

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