MFT and MFTmirror are damaged

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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MFT and MFTmirror are damaged

#1 Post by west98 » 10 Feb 2018, 19:31

Week ago something happened to my system, Windows couldn't load itself. As I didn't have time to repair it I simply formated system partition and reinstalled Windows. However, today same thing happened. Apparently something was wrong with disk/partition, because Windows Repair tools from cd installation were running scan and disk repair, but it didn't help at all. I've burned systemrescuecd on my pendrive and runned TestDisk, I got information that MFT and MFTmirror are bad and it's imposiible to repair. I thought it's strange, cause I can access any data on that partition without any problem (since MFT is damaged, shouldn't it be impossible to read anything from it?) As I understand now it's imposiible to repair this W10 installtion, and the only thing that can be done is recoverying files?

What's bothering me the most, it's that it happened twice in a week. What could possibly cause this? My first guess would be a virus, but I always use good AntyVirus software so it's very unlikely. Someone I know mentioned it could be damaged SATA Controller or damaged hard drive(but my SMART is ok). Any ideas?

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