Trying to delete recup.dir folders

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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Trying to delete recup.dir folders

#1 Post by surveyor » 22 Mar 2018, 23:11

Using PhotoRec and ended up with 18 recup_dir folders in my root folder (PCLinuxOS) and I cannot delete them.

I have seen a similar thread (2014) and I have changed ownership to root but still cannot find a way to delete them.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Thanks :?

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Re: Trying to delete recup.dir folders

#2 Post by cgrenier » 23 Mar 2018, 06:56

Don't change the owner ship to root but to the user you are using ;-)
Otherwise as root, you can run

Code: Select all

rm -rf recup_dir.*
Be extra careful when you type this command

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