A bunch of plist files

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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A bunch of plist files

#1 Post by phuketmymac » 10 Apr 2018, 07:43


I have been using your software testdisk and it has been great to recover unwanted deleted partitions.
I am trying to get used to photorec now since I believe it has to be a great software.

I had the chance today with the Drobo's from a customer.
He accidentally use the Drobo as a backup destination instead of his USB drive.

Partition must have been formatted and some files were also copied on it.

Using photorec I am getting huge plist files which were obviously not present before since he used to store only mp3/wav files on it.

What am I doing wrong?
What does that mean please?

Thank you

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Re: A bunch of plist files

#2 Post by cgrenier » 10 Apr 2018, 14:16

plist files are due to the disk been used on a Mac OS X computer (at least once).
As the partition has been reformated, the cluster size may be wrong, when using PhotoRec, enable the expert mode in Options, start a recovery, use a blocksize of 512 bytes, use the default options otherwise.
Good luck

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