Recover files from Qnap NAS

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recover files from Qnap NAS

#1 Post by pcpro » 27 Jun 2018, 23:12

The disk is from a QNAP NAS that I dont have in my possession.

In your FAQ you stated:
"For NAS server (QNAP, Synology...), TestDisk & PhotoRec need to run on the server itself."
That is not an option for me !

I have one of two mirrored disks (RAID1) in my possession.
Its 2TB

According to owner its probably 30-40% full.
I can not verify that.

Owner says he only wants to resque Autocad files (DWG,DBX)
He imagine he has several thousands of those files.

I run Photorec using a Linux Live CD.
Disk is found
Disk have 4 partitions
Partition 1, 543 MB
Partition 2, 543 MB
Partition 3, 2,0TB
Partition 4, 510 MB

I choose to search for DWG,DBX on Partition 3 and EXT2/EXT3 and from Whole partition.
Pass 0 recovered 366 Files (258 DWG, 108 DBX)
Pass 1 has so far recovered the same number of files, running for 49 hours.
Says at the moment it has 82 hours left.
But the Estimated Time to Complete has varied a lot during the session, up to thousands of hours.

I wonder why its not finding more files...?
Should I wait 80 more hours ?
It might ad hours as it goes, I have no idea...

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Re: Recover files from Qnap NAS

#2 Post by cgrenier » 01 Jul 2018, 09:58

You will get better/faster results if you do not disable the other file formats.

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Re: Recover files from Qnap NAS

#3 Post by pcpro » 02 Jul 2018, 22:28

Ok, but that will take up more disk space .

Thats another problem I have, how to change path to my external disc.
Now all files are saved on home/lubuntu/Bilder

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