Photorec mechanics and digibox SATA disk

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Photorec mechanics and digibox SATA disk

#1 Post by Spirend » 30 Jun 2018, 23:00

So, a few weeks back, a power cut broke down our digibox' SATA disk. It will still record and store previous recordings, but cannot display pre-powercut recordings on the list.
Thus far, with some help from another forum's users, I've built up two images and ran both images through Photorec on and off Daemon Tools, as well as ran the physical disk through Photorec - each run gave a different result.
Pre-cut on Daemon Tools - Small assortment of Apple programming code in .txt and .java.
Pre-cut off Daemon Tools - What I can only assume is all files required to install Fortress 2, a korean MMO tank game - executable got a warning from Norton and was deleted.
Post-cut on Daemon Tools - same as Pre-cut on Daemon Tools - one extra unplayable .mp3
Post-cut off Daemon Tools - Useless corrupt files, some vestiges of .scc files, sadly inoperable with a filesize of 0kb.
Full disk carve via an all-in-one USB dock - More files relating to Fortress 2 - no executable, oddly enough. No sign of .scc files.
This got me thinking...How does Photorec work? Will it detect and recover any file on the system, or only files from before the last formatting?
And does anyone have any other ideas? I'd be fine with formatting the disk and letting the recording collection begin anew, but I'd also like to recover at least some of the files.
My settings were
Paranoid: No
Keep Corrupted Files: Yes
Expert Mode: No
Low Memory: No
The SATA disk in question has been used in a Topfield CRC1410CT model digibox, presumed to have a FAT24 filesystem - I heard from elsewhere that Photorec functioned well for recovering the files from one.
The disk images run thorugh Daemon Tools were made using TestDisk's image creation feature, and are of .dd format with some sort of size mismatch.
I'm using Photorec 7.0, and as mentioned above, have managed to recover a corrupt, sizeless .scc file.
If any more information is required, please ask.

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