iomega usb 500g drive went kaput

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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iomega usb 500g drive went kaput

#1 Post by jvanderwerf »

Hello TestDisk.

I found your software via Kudos to them for posting about this wonderful software. Let me describe what has happened and I need basics for what to do next.

I have the hard drive as described iomega 500g hard drive. It is formated with fat32 as I want to transfer files between XP machine and a mac book pro. I was backing up the photos and videos from my iphone when suddenly the drive disappeared from the finder. I panicked and unplugged and re-plugged and got the dreaded initialize new drive message. I then plugged into my PC and found the drive not loading. I went to the disk manager and it shows up there as unpartitioned drive space. YIKES!!

Basically something got corrupted in the backup process. I suspect data related although I'm not totally sure. I have run the first two basic scans and now am running a deep scan. I'm not sure what to do with results. I want to restore my data. Ideally on the same drive but I'm fine with transferring to another external for the time being.

Any suggestions for what to do after running a deep scan or where to find those steps.



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next steps after deep scan

#2 Post by jvanderwerf »

Hello testDisk,

Second post so I'll make this quick. Ive got a recently broken iomega 500g usb power external drive that crashed. it is formated with fat32 so that I can go between xp and mac.

While on my mac it stopped recognizing. I'm not running a deep scan. The goal is to recover all the data.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Re: iomega usb 500g drive went kaput

#3 Post by cgrenier »

Without the results, it's difficult to help you.
If the partition table still list your partition, run TestDisk, go in Advanced, select the partition, choose BOot, RebuildBS, List, Write and confirm if you can see your files, Quit