Help with recovering partition and understanding testdisk

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Help with recovering partition and understanding testdisk

#1 Post by JerJer »

Hi, I'm trying to recover data off my western digital my passport drive after what I presume data corruption. Basically when I try to open the drive windows explorer crashes, and when I plug it in it asks me to format the drive. I downloaded testdisk and I ran the analysis test quick search and after 4 days of searching it couldn't find any partition. I can't find the log file either and testdisk created a notepad file which I can't open that uses 689 GB of data (all the space on my harddisk, I'm guessing its the log file). Now is this normal or did I mess something up, btw I'm trying to recover 40GB of data. These files are extremely important if someone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated (Like I'm willing to go do some Hex which I know nothing about stuff if testdisk can't save me). I'm really grateful for testdisk as it gives me hope but I just need some guidance. Thanks :)

::EDIT:: Woops I double posted is it possible to delete the other post?

::EDIT2:: I tried PhotoRec and it showed the HDD partition as P - unknown and when I tried there was a read error at every sector and it wasn't able to recover any files, testdisk however cannot see the partition, any ideas?

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Re: Help with recovering partition and understanding testdis

#2 Post by sniper007 »

Use BOOT MED *PLUS!!, start it up in list view. "Click On Sector Repair With Out Data Loss", after that runs, may take a day or two. at longest. Maybe over night.. Then You can use test disk again and it should then find the correct partion with you search "Deep". - Let me know.

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Re: Help with recovering partition and understanding testdis

#3 Post by esg87 »


I'm having the same issues trying to recover my external HD (a 500GB Seagate GoFlex), were you able to solve this? Please let me know the steps so I can do it as well. Would appreciate the help. :(

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Re: Help with recovering partition and understanding testdis

#4 Post by Fiona »

As far as I know, if memory management from disks like LBA (Logical Block Addressing) doesn't match or has bad sectors, OS, datarecovery software and TestDisk might be hang or pretty slow.
In case you can check your smart values or CrystalDiskInfo to get something about the status of your disk.