Windows Crashed Tried Recovering Data.

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Windows Crashed Tried Recovering Data.

#1 Post by sniper007 »

It has been about 7 days. I have been trying everything to get this computer up and running. What happened was. I was on the computer, went to the store, came back and my fiancee was getting on and it had a message on the screen saying "cant find hard disk". So I acted as if this was a clients pc and performed diagnostics. I tried MBR fix, I tried fixing the part-ions. Nothing would work. I could not boot into recovery, i could not boot any cd's. I fixed the system with bootrec.exe from MRI. all that did was allow me to boot from cd. Only Certain things i think. I do notice when i log into the one cd I can boot into live cd (bootmed) UBUN... Once i did this I have the ability to use Test disk 6.11.

* It did find 2 partions, a part-ion NTFS- OS and a part-ion

Steps I took:
1. Open Test Disk 6.11
2. Select My Hard Drive. (Proceed)
3. It finds [ Disk /dev/sda - 230 GB / 298 GiB -ATA Hitachi HTS54503]
I select [Intel]
4. I then click [ Analyse]
5. I then get a screen that says [See Screen Shot]
6. I click back up and proceed
7. Should TestDisk search for partion created under Vista ? [Y/N]( answer Yes if unsure) .. I click [y]
8. It finds something about cyclinders then it goes to.. [see screen shot]
9. i highlight the [OS] partion HPFS -NTFS
10. I click [p] about 30 minutes later.. it shows all my files.. (THEIR THEY ARE)
11. In this version i cant choose files or multiple files.. but i can choose c for the directory. I chose Users / Owner.. I started backing up owners and noticed that it ran copying files very.. very.. very.. sloooowww. 12 hours later the red dissapeared and it went back to the start screen. Only got a few files....
I Need help on getting this data.. Any ideas. I have tried tons of stuff. Should i be downloading a new version i tried running 6.13 and 6.14 wi.. but i dont know how to install it 100% it doesnt go past list files by using wget .. and instaling it like that..

NOTE: ( When I Boot Up PC.. It Says Something About Hard Drive Is Bad.. Back Up & Replace. S.M.A.R.T ) not every time.. just started again..

Also.. When i login to ubunto it says (One or more hard drives are failing) and Disk Failure is Imminent.

Thank you for reading this and assisting me on getting this fixed for her. She was in tears when i was unable to save our photos and videos over our last 3 half years we been together. This means alot thanks. :oops:

6 Days ago my external hard drive crashed. I ran Test disk 6.13 on windows and recovered all my data from my hard drive. after trying everything. I know this will work..

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Re: Windows Crashed Tried Recovering Data.

#2 Post by sniper007 »

Any one out their that can help?

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Re: Windows Crashed Tried Recovering Data.

#3 Post by Fiona »

At this screen;
Easily check the first partition "Recovery" and use your right or left arrow key and set it to P for primary only.
You can watch it at the left.
Then, press enter to proceed.
If the menu "Write" is not checked, please check it and press enter and y to confirm.
Finish TestDisk using quit and restart the computer that changes will take effect.

Please let me know.