The mistery of WD passport USB 3 and samsung TV

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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The mistery of WD passport USB 3 and samsung TV

#1 Post by paolodoc »

Hi there,
I'm very disappointed with my passport WS USB3. After 6 months of use with several PC it was used to read some movies with a Samsung TV 5000 series. From that time the HD is inaccessible from any PC or Unix including several software to recover data. BUT I can continue to read the HD with several Samsung TVs!!!!
The computer are almost stucked when I connect the HD and the Windows 7 64bit asks to format the disk many time. The recover softwares (including testdisk and photorec) say DISK ERROR to each sector. I have the feeling that the software find the hardware for some time than it disappear and teh software doesn't find physically the HD.

I believe that it is a problem with BIOS Hd (that unfortunately have the USB connector in the HD and no other connector available also disassembling it

Why the Samsung should be able to read it easily ?? A question of voltage ? A different disk access ?
I'm not the only one with this problem (another guy in this forum and another friend of mine).

Have you theories?

Please note that I didn't recover still the data, but using samygo in a different TV (mine is not compatible) may be i can try to install a samba server to share the USB and it should work