500Gb Samsung HD502HJ dead hdd

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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500Gb Samsung HD502HJ dead hdd

#1 Post by lestatblade »

Hi !!! first thanks for a great app !!! I am having a problem trying to bring back from the dead my 500gb hd. Win 7 disk management sees it as Basic MBR, it tells me to initialize it, y choose MBR and gives me a Cyclic Redundancy Error. When i boot up my computer BIOS takes a long time to recognize my 500gb disk (this one is used for data storage, i have another one for OS and software) and gives me a message of SMART capable but command failed, press f1 to resume. PartitionGuru, that supports MBR and GPT disks, doesnt see my drive. Tried TestDisk and after choosing my damaged hd drive (it takes a while to get past choosing the drive) the program suggest me it is a EFI GPT type of disk. Click on analize and gives me two MS DATA partitions that are exactly the same. After that i choose Quick Search and i dont know if it is searching or if the program is actually scanning, it just stays on that screen and arrow keys dont work. How much time should i wait for it to finish ??? Also tried choosing Intel and checking MBR and it gives me that both (actual MBR and backup) are bad and identical. Tried with HDD regenerator, as disk management said it was Basic MBR, and it gives me a corrupt MBR. Used MHDD for a scan and it gives tons of errors, tried to find software that could work repairing or recovering gpt partitions but think that my only solution is trying a ubuntu livecd and use gparted. Any help and/or suggestions are greatly appreaciated, this disk has all my family photos and personal work =(

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