USB drive, Data gone, 40 partitions

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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USB drive, Data gone, 40 partitions

#1 Post by visionman »

Hi, Guys I was using my 4 GB pen drive in a Internet cafe to download a program, when I got home I discovered all my data had gone from the drive. Windows message said “your drive is not formatted” I ran an Easeus data recovery tool and discovered the data had been scattered in 40 partitions. As I was very busy at the time I took screen shots of all the relevant info. I do not have a clue what happened or how this came about, (he internet cafe is also a computer repair shop with a dodgy reputation) the machine I was using was running Win 7. My home computer is a Dell P4 running XP Pro, I also have Linux Mint. I cannot be any more specific as I haven’t a clue what I am dealing with. I did not tamper or try to recover any data just took the screen shots and put the drive in a bag. Any ideas what I am dealing with and can I recover the data? Cheers thanks.

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Re: USB drive, Data gone, 40 partitions

#2 Post by Fiona »

To determine a boot sector diagnose, you must have a partition in your partition table of your pen drive.
Would it be possible to upload a screen shot from the testdisk menu "Analyse" (it's your current partition structur)?