HD 1 TB WD10EADS = 31 MB?

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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HD 1 TB WD10EADS = 31 MB?

#1 Post by banackloy »

Hi I have a problem with a hard disk:
WD Green 1TB
LBA 1953525168
1 st problem is that the system stopped recognizing the disc
2 ° in tesdisck as follows
> disk \ \. \ PhysicalDrive0 - 33 MB \ 31 MB - CHS 64 16 63
3 ° Analyse "no bootable partition"
4 ° in Quicksearch says:
Warning: the current number of heads is 16 per cilinder But The correct value may be 32.
5 ° I want to change the geometry! but not the number of cylinders it has and I do not know how to change the geometry of the disk!
6 ° if I can change the geometry, Who recover the data to disk 1 TB?
Sorry for my bad English
Thanks for your reply
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Re: HD 1 TB WD10EADS = 31 MB?

#2 Post by Fiona »

Do you have a Gigabyte Board?
We already experienced some problems.
hdat2 and HDD capacity restore tool were helpful.
Some infos about those cases here;
http://forum.cgsecurity.org/phpBB3/raw- ... ilit=hdat2
http://forum.cgsecurity.org/phpBB3/post ... =hdat2#p81
Before you do anything to your HDD you should solve your wrong recognition of your disk!