Partition table Write error

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition table Write error

#1 Post by daeron »

While trying to recover partitions TestDisk has responded with "Write error" with no explanation or clue as to the cause.

This is with a 3-Tbyte WesternDigitnal drive on which the partition table has been erased, and no other disk activity.
TestDisk correctly identifies the erased partitions, identifying both start & end points and mount points
- got the OS/format wrong but using the "t" option to correct each partition to the correct file type provides what looks like the correct partition table.

But when proceeding with TestDisk to write the recovered partition-table,
it asks "Write partition table, continue? (Y/N)"
but then when you press y it responds with
"Partition: write error"

This is running TestDisk from a Windows-10 system, so my first suspicion is that it may be due to Windows trying to protect the drives;
I have already added TestDisk.exe to the Windows default 'Controlled folder access' - 'Allow an app though controlled folder access' list.
I also tried writing the partition-table after disabling the 'Controlled folder access' function/service.
I would expect Windows-10 to also have a similar protetion function for drive partition data, but do not know Windows-10 well enough to confirm or deny this or give TestDisk the needed permission if so. - But it might also be some other issue, any help / suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Partition table Write error

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Start Windows in Safe mode and/or with your antivirus temporary disabled and try again.