you want to eat a very difficult

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you want to eat a very difficult

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Pistons this trick to a replay, when others do not have a good chance Hamilton went to the bottom line of the ball near the shooting. However, authentic nfl jerseys,the script suddenly changed. Ball shot in Hamilton, Han Xiao from the horizontal side of the fly over, slap the ball of the Hamilton fans out. Then the Han Xiao Xianglong more a gesture of victory.

That they were just on the already agreed, since Rondo a keep up with change HAN defensive slip out Hamilton. Rondo out of defense Iverson. But this must have a good time for the early No, Hamilton found no effect. For the night, is equal to did not change, because Hamilton has been shot. Luckily, both are on the court the opportunity to feel the keen, so HAN moment the ball shot in Hamilton, rushed over life and life's a big hat to fly off the ball fan.

The conspiracy to succeed, the two young men smile, a look of lustful side gasping for air, Hamilton, wait for them to go to bite them one.

Near misses, the Celtics won the game by virtue of two young high-level play. In fact, look at the competition process, the whole game, the Pistons lead only once, Unfortunately, only a short period of more than 10 seconds. The rest of the time the Celtics occupy the initiative, the Celtics to win for granted. HAN this game to win the highest score of the team's 21 points, it is more and more people with admiration. The team's starting point guard Rajon Rondo has 14 assists recorded. Celtic now seems to have become the Big Five. This team, who can stop defending it? Faced with such a newcomer performance Celtics, Detroit can only sigh the young and nice!

Chapter 55, you are to me!

The end of the Detroit journey behind the Celtics week's game becomes a lot easier. They will be continuous sits at home to meet the challenges of the three teams. The first is the Toronto Raptors. Rebuild the Raptors now there is no strong rising momentum of the original Carter still when that kind of qualifications they want to get the playoffs almost always difficult. The Celtics should easily win the game. Behind the Hawks is equally difficult to pose a threat to the people of Boston, youth nfl jerseys,from the current momentum it seems they should be able to book a playoff places. Only the Denver Nuggets will it be possible to challenge the defending champion.

After defending the weak with the strong attack and too much sticky ball Iverson in exchange for a 32-year-old main Pistons point guard Chauncey Billups, the Nuggets benefited. Attacks not only without any weakening of the Nuggets' Billups mobilization, enabling more people to participate in the attack, and was the Finals MVP scoring ability is not Biaifosen much worse he was just more choices passing it. Nuggets benefit from defensive end Chauncey Billups of the powerful physical and defensive awareness, and now this Nuggets have gradually found the feeling of the teams. They are likely to become a dark horse this year.

The results, as one would expect, the Celtics easily won the Raptors, the game only to the third quarter Celtics big lead so that the game lost its suspense. Dragon King Bosh alone rely on the power of one person simply can not afford to challenge the powerful Celtics. Looked at Bosh look gloomy sitting on the sidelines, HAN is also deeply felt sympathy for him. This ability in no way inferior to any one of the top inside of the Union, because the team does not have a good helper and has been in the hard struggle for a playoff tickets, but championship but left him farther and farther. HAN contrast, I feel really very lucky.

Continuous playing at home so that Rivers would have time to carry out normal training, he can have a lot of time to drill their own tactics, not just the rush of doing a few shooting drills to get on the airplane, then fly to the mainland the other end to meet a new opponent. This two-day team is constantly improving the offensive tactics of contact positions. Rivers few days ago the team in the face of high defensive quality of the team's offensive performance out of capacity and satisfied. Although the defense is very important, but attack the same can not be missing. cheap authentic jerseys, The team's leading scorer Pierce has three consecutive scores did not exceed 15 minutes. Kevin Garnett scored is not stable enough. But the rookie HAN and Ray Allen both showed a good state, the shooting guard position, a steady stream of fire support to the team. HAN and the same in the point guard position to show his ability. Six assists per game data is sufficient to explain the situation.

So now Rivers is drill HAN and Ray Allen in the field tactics, such as Londo presence of rest, HAN to play point guard, Ray Allen at shooting guard. Such tactics are relatively easy to adapt, after all, and the original lineup changes. But another scenario is that he had used the three-guard tactics. Ie, HAN, Rondo, Ray Allen at the same time in the field. So the Celtics backcourt suddenly becomes stronger than ever, the firepower of the HAN and Ray Allen were already enough to make all opponents a headache, Londo of the bigger picture can always timely ball to the two person's hands. Such a super backcourt combination is simply invincible.

Just now the biggest problem of this tactical defense, who defensive firepower on each other's small forward. And the height of three men facing each other at small forward when it became defective. However seem to physical well HAN is more appropriate.

Rivers and several assistant coaches watching the field players to play the training match side to consider how to arrange such tactics. Suddenly he saw a strange scene of the situation, Han Xiao and Allen stand together, the HAN seems also a little bit of Bileielun high. Can not ah, obviously the HAN registered height 1 meter 92, and Ray Allen but 1 m 96.

Toot! Rivers assistant coach to act as referee to pause the game. Han Xiao and Ray Allen then called over, so that they both stand to together. Yes, HAN Bileialun even higher.

"HAN your height?" Rivers asked him.

Data not it? And my height is 1 meter 92? nfl jerseys china, "HAN asked a puzzled.

Rivers did not ask, immediately took HAN to measure height, the results surprised him. HAN now height to one meter 99. When this he uttered this result, not just his own, most people were surprised. Only a short period of three months HAN actually 7 cm high. Goodness gracious, another Yao Ming to appear a?

"I think we should give him a good check, and if he had also soared, then I think we can put him as a center to develop" an assistant coach, said half-jokingly.

Rivers deep that it does. The results of today's training to the assistant coach, and then he personally brought to HAN for a checkup.

The results of the check did not make any problems, and the doctor concluded that the HAN should not have such a long high-speed, at most 2,3 cm long. This allows the the HAN originally uneasy heart to put down. If in so long, who knows what really became the center!

The players are Han Xiao suddenly long, endless curiosity, Rondo also specifically ask the secret. To know that only he was comparatively young, there is hope that a long one, the others are basically 10 years ago and stereotypes.

"In fact, quite simple, but it • • • • HAN deliberately buy off child.

Londo anxious asked: "But what?"

"But this is hard, because I grow taller all eating those meals SANDY do you know, you want to eat a very difficult!" HAN said solemnly. Those meals But I specially brought from the Chinese traditional remedy, wonder why Yao Ming is so high it? His mother had is every day to give him that kind of food to eat! "

"Would not it? • • • • • • Rondo hesitated, Wholesale Coach Handbags.thought the day to eat it seems to poison the general food Lung multi feel his stomach a bit uncomfortable. Way to high, using his or not long. Suddenly see HAN mouth exposed trace of fighting back a smile, Londo immediately reaction was over, knows his fooled. Kick to kick the past. HAN, however well prepared, before Rondo over and ran quickly ran.

"Hey, Sandy! My back!" Night the HAN end of the training back home. The results showed that Sandy did not, as usual, stay at home. She went back to where? Are today's schools something?