Recovering lost partition

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Recovering lost partition

#1 Post by dangermouse »


I'm a bit of a computer noob and just wanted to check if im doing the right thing.

My computer died yesterday in the middle of my dissertation (nightmare), so i bought and enclosure for the HDD and installed it...all ok. I connected it to my girlfriend's laptop and when i tried to access the file in documents & settings it said i didnt have permission,i tried a couple more times. Then for some reason (after a laptop restart) when i tried to access the F drive (the old hdd) it said it was corrupted and needed reformatting.

So then i googled and found your amazing program! I've managed to locate my project folder and copy it accross (and back it up on dropbox immediately!)

In the Advanced menu of test disk, it can see the Partition (NTFS), and the boot sector, and backup boot sector are OK and identical. Obviously i can access all the files etc. via List. But im not sure what to do next to make the drive back to normal again.

Should I, "Choose Write and then choose Backup BS to copy backup boot sector over boot sector. "??? as you say on here ... _partition

Can you give me a step by step method, maybe even from the main menu screen? Would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help.

And amazing program, thanks so much... you've saved my degree!!