After deep search, many small fragments of my lost Ext4 partition as “Linux filesys. data” show up.

Using TestDisk to undelete files
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After deep search, many small fragments of my lost Ext4 partition as “Linux filesys. data” show up.

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After disabling bitlocker I was finally able to find something beyond the MS Data on my ThinkPad. I instructed a whole disc deep search to TestDisk and it found many many small “Linux filesys. Data” partitions that are “damaged”. Which I suppose represent what is left from the lost Ext4 partition of my previous Debian installation.

I merely wanted to recover a single LibreOffice .odt OpenDoc file. I have failed to do so with PhotoRec because after a certain point it kept looping on a particular segment of sectors. I then turned to TestDisk, but it seems my previous Ext4 partition is not in good shape at the moment. Is there anything I could do with it?

Thank You!!

I’m now running a deep search via Alt Linux, and here’s a few new details:
1. I chose “none” for table, and classified the entire disc as “ext4” before the deep search.
2. Deep search now says these fragments are specifically “ext4” which is progress, I suppose?
3. Search performance via Alt Linux is like 10x times faster than doing the same on Windows.

I took the picture from my phone because my laptop is fully occupied by a TTY screen from Alt Linux. I’m also writing this from my phone, this is the best I could: ... ity=medium

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