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Undelete file in a working FAT partition

Posted: 12 Jun 2015, 01:58
by untel

I tried the receipe in the following tutorial to undelete a file. The title seems to indicate it's to undelete a file in a FAT partition. ... le_for_FAT

As I want to be sure I know how it works, before trying to recover my file, I tried to undelete files with a FAT USB Key and tried again with another FAT32 USB key. I get the same results everytime. it's not working.

Everything is OK till after I pick "advanced". Then it shows 4 lines :

4 * Sys=0D
2 * Netware 3.11+
1 * Sys=72
3 * Sys=79

No FAT partition appears. It's like testdisk is first looking for a deleted partition or bootable partition. Then I tried Analyse but again no partition can be found. In the information I got with analyse, I understood it's is looking for a Bootable partition.

I start testdisk.exe without anything else. Is my problem there ?

I must say that I tried to undelete the file with PhotoRec but it didn't work for my file. Could it be too large (around 500mb) ?

Thanks in advance J Guy

Re: Undelete file in a working FAT partition

Posted: 24 Jun 2015, 09:11
by cgrenier
Choose None for the partition table type.