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ext3 partition deleted by running mkfs.msdos

Posted: 18 Sep 2012, 03:07
by ngupta94

I ran the linux command mkfs.msdos on my linux ext3 partition. The partition size is 392G.
I ran testdisk - but it did not return anything. I did not recognize any partition.

Then I ran photorec. - It recovered thousands of files. Lots of them i did not even know. But some of the problems
I see with the files returned are - JPEG files are all just thumbnail size. It did not return orinigal size of the jpg files.
Second, lots of pdf files were not readable - "corrupt".

IS there a way to get better result ?
Since I ran mkfs.msdos on the ext3 drive, Is testdisk confused about the partition ? Do I need to re-run mkfs.ext3 ?
and then run testdisk ?

Any help and suggestions appreciated.