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.prproj files now gzip

Posted: 15 Feb 2016, 19:25
by juebi

Adobe has changed Premiere Pro files ("*.prproj") from txt/xml files to gzip in 2013. Photorec recovers old pproj files as tx? without problem, but has issues with newer pproj files if recovered as "tx?".

Is there a way to treat prproj files as gzip?

Let me know if you need samples,

Thank you -

kind regards


Re: .prproj files now gzip

Posted: 19 Feb 2016, 12:33
by juebi
Hello, everybody,

I eventually solved the issue posted above so here's the solution in case someone else has it later:

Adobe Premiere files above version CS6.5 can be recovered with photorec gz file family. They will be found as "*.xml.gz" but indeed they are ".prproj" files, just change the extension.

Some files may be damaged. A good procedure to filter any damaged file is to extract the archives in a fresh folder. Any file that cannot be extracted is not prproj, or is damaged.

You may find quite a lot of project files. To filter the project you are looking for, run a text content search with your original project name over all extracted files. Some files may still contain a lot of garbage that you can easily identify and erase with a text editor. Maybe fix xml structure. Re-gzip, open in Premiere. Worked for me!

Merci Monsieur Grenier!