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Incorrect disk capacity

Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 00:23
by tuckerkanderson
Hi everyone.

I recently had a 512GB SSD fail on me. I plug it into my computer and it says "disk unreadable" (Running Mac OS...) I tried it on a PC and it says the drive has malfunctioned. I use the SSD to record raw video files directly from my camera to the ssd (.braw files if it makes a difference...). After shooting some video I unplugged my drive from the camera and into the computer and it gave me the message I described.

I've been trying different recovery methods, but with no success. When I went to use photorec, the note at the bottom of the drive says "Disk capacity must be correctly detected for a successful recovery." But my disk capacity reads 2.1MB when in reality the drive is 512GB. I'm unsure how to check the "HD jumper settings and BIOS detection" as the program says to, so any help would be appreciated. Would really like to get these files back but don't want to pay $1000+ to get them...


Re: Incorrect disk capacity

Posted: 20 Jun 2019, 05:58
by cgrenier
Using the manufacturer tools or hdparm under Linux, try a DCO restore (ie. hdparm --dco-restore /dev/sdb), also check the HPA size (hdparm -N /dev/sdb).
If the disk capacity is still wrong, you really should contact a data recovery company.