Linux LVM2 - ext3

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Linux LVM2 - ext3

#1 Post by 23skidoo »

I'll try to be brief. I did a vgremove then vgcreate on a multipath disk WITHOUT a vgexport. These drives all now appear empty.

This is on the same server, so I'm guessing the vgcreate wrote over the information I need. The commands vgremove and create take long enough to overwrite all the disks, so I'm holding out hope I can rescue this data. I had 4 mounted drives 2 -1TB drives a 500G and 300g. these are all secondary data (oracle)

TestDisk sees the drives added in /dev/mapper/mpath$. It recognizes them as Linux LVM2 with 2 ext3 partitions below.

Now I'm utterly lost on what to do next...How can i repair the partition table and remount the drives??