Help !! Can't recover data from SDcard

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Help !! Can't recover data from SDcard

#1 Post by thefan »

I really need help, I searched the net but no solution helped me...

I have a SAMSUNG Galaxy SII, and a Sandisc 16 GB HD micro SD card,
few days ago I noticed a notification that says:"SD card blank or has unsupported filesystem"

I tried several times to take it off and put it back but with no luck, I put the card in the card reader & connected it to my laptop, the laptop (windows 7) did't recognized it either, and it suggested to FORMAT the card, So I did, and choose to format to FAT32 system..I was hoping that recovery programs will recover my photos and videos...
sadly.. I tried 4 programs to recover them, no single photo was recovered, it just looks like a brand new Sd card now...the card now is working normally now...but I am not using it, just took one pic to test the card on the phone, and formatted it again using the phone..

I need my photos back, PLEASE HELP !!

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Re: Help !! Can't recover data from SDcard

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Formating was a very bad idea.
Run PhotoRec, enable the expert mode in Options, start a Search, use a blocksize of 512 bytes, use the default value otherwise.
Good luck