Partition Error Unallocated in External HD

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Partition Error Unallocated in External HD

#1 Post by grebnavi »

Helo! I am trying to recover data from my Seagate External Hard Drive.

These are important files for me. Family photos and work files. The HD was a few days without me using. Was planning to back up to cloud storage. But I can't access HD content anymore.

In Windows Disk Manager, it shows it as RAW.

I followed the TestDisk step by step and when I reached the step of locating the partitions, the answer is “Partition Read Error”.

Even when I choose to use the Deep Search option, the result is still “No Partition Found or Selected for Recovery.”

I ask: what step should I follow now to try to recover this HD?
I've already used chkdsk commands and it doesn't work since the disk is RAW.

I thank the attention.

Imagem 01
*I take this opportunity and ask: would this CHS information be correct?

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Re: Partition Error Unallocated in External HD

#2 Post by recuperation »

Your disk has unreadable sectors - maybe even a bigger dammage.
Given your valuable data you might consider contacting a professional recovery service.

For a quick diagnosis you can extract SMART parameters as described here and post them in the forum:


Depending on the outcome you could try to duplicate the drive using ddrescue as described in the manual.

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