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How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Next Step or Another Forum?

#1 Post by nwwoman » 09 Sep 2012, 00:38

Newbie here. Ran analyze on a usb-connected SeaGate Freeagent Go portable 250GB hard drive that was incorrectly shut down. Said "invalid fat boot sector -- fat 16 LBA --- no partition is bootable -- hard disk (250GB/232 GIB seems too small...<< 2748GB/2559 GIB >> check the hard disk size..HD jumper settings BIOS detection...

Can someone tell me how to correct hard disk size. While I am a virgin on this stuff, I know there's no jumper settings on an external portable drive .. BIOS is not something I've ever touched.

Stuck at this point and can't proceed.

Would greatly appreciate any help someone could provide. disk contains an image of an xp system.

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Posts: 2
Joined: 08 Sep 2012, 21:53

Re: Next Step or Another Forum?

#2 Post by nwwoman » 11 Sep 2012, 21:12

Well, I still don't know what to do to correct the hard drive size per my last email but I was able to view files (thanks for this app!) and I have copied the image I had on the portable Seagate drive and am now transferring it to another portable drive. If I have what is needed for me to run vm player and see my old xp desktop, then I'll just stop fussing with correcting the hard drive size of the original external portable drive and simply reformat it.

It seems to me, though, that as this happened from a unexpected shut-down of my PC, which does happen periodically, that it would sure be good to know how to fix the corrupted boot sector. I'm sure the original drive is still good.

I would love to know where I could go online to read info for a beginner, so i could use testdisk to fix the problem next time it happens, which I bet it will. I read the documentation but I couldn't find any instructions on what to do to fix the drive size discrepancy on a portable external drive.


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