Toshiba 500gb not recognized

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Toshiba 500gb not recognized

#1 Post by gaurav »


i am not sure but i think i have deleted the ntfs file. not sure though. the hard disk is not getting recognized by my laptop. i am now trying to copy files from my hd to my laptop using testdisk but it says copy failed.

Pls guide me. I work online for a living and its my life's work in there. Need the files badly.

pls guide. if there is a way without formatting then its better. otherwise i am willing to do anything to recover the files safely.

here is what i have tried -

- connected my hard disk
- create a new log file
- selected the disk
- intel
- analyse
- selected disk
- p - list files
- h - hide deleted files
- c - copy files
- select folder
- C - pasted but gets the error ---> copy failed.

Here are some screen shots i took of the entire process.

I have attached the rar file because not allowed to attach more than 3 files. Sorry for the trouble. Pls download.
New Folder.rar
(231.67 KiB) Downloaded 419 times
Thanks for your help and consideration.

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Re: Toshiba 500gb not recognized

#2 Post by dragonfly41 »

You seem to have windows still working ..

Testdisk can be a bit daunting to use at first. One quick question is at the "disk recognised" stage (Toshiba Ext) if you click on "P: list files" do you see your lost file structure?

One approach (which I've used) would be to download and try RecoverMyFiles

and search for lost files in "try" mode (no purchase necessary at this stage).

If RecoverMyFiles can detect lost ntfs files then you have the option of
paying for a RecoverMyFiles licence
resume using testdisk which is free but has a learning curve.

Beware using your drive too much until data is recovered. e.g. installing new software could overwrite any lost data in part of the disk. Is your lost data on an external Toshiba drive?

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Re: Toshiba 500gb not recognized

#3 Post by Fiona »

If you'd like to use TestDisk, some more information would be appreciated.
I'd need infos from Quick and if nothing is found from Deeper Search too.
TestDisk creates a log called testdisk.log in your testdisk folder.
You can open it and copy paste the content here.
It's important to list your files.
So I'll be able to diagnose your partition table and results found by testdisk.
Infos will follow.
If your file system is seriously damaged in this case, datarecovery software is recommended.