Rebuild Partition? Mac HDD on Windows

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Rebuild Partition? Mac HDD on Windows

#1 Post by HeavyTheory »

Hello All. I have a big problem. I have a 2 TB WD HDD (4TB 2 Disks I believe)
I switched to a Windows workspace and have been using Macdrive to access this external which has years worth of photography of my own as well as from clients - I'm a retoucher.

I have been backing up this entire drive using Crashplan and was planning on wiping and formatting for Windows.
The other day I stupidly disconnected the drive by unplugging it and now it reads as RAW and Windows asks me to reformat it. I'm trying to figure out if Testdisk is the answer.

I don't at the moment have 2 TB of free space anywhere to fully back up my WD, though that is not out of the question.
Is there a way to rebuild the file structure on the original drive so that I can access it again OR can I pull a few directories at a time to another drive long enough to back them up to the cloud?

I'm getting a message from Testdisk that says the cylinders are not identical. I also know that the disk is formatted HSF for Mac.

Sorry for asking without exhausting the forums first, but I haven't found anyone asking the same questions.

Thanks All.

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Re: Rebuild Partition? Mac HDD on Windows

#2 Post by HeavyTheory »

I hooked my WD up to a friend's Macbook and he ran verify disk.... and now it's back up and running on my windows machine. Perhaps it was problem with Macdrive. Not sure. Still don't know how verify disk fixed the issue. It seems like that is just a read and not write. Oh well.