Unable to access my HDD

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Unable to access my HDD

#1 Post by mavi03ab » 18 Nov 2012, 21:15

Hello guys!

I am in trouble here. I have used bitlocker to password protect my hdd. Then after few days it dropped off a chair. I tried to use it and it worked fine. Then I zipped all my folders to save spacem but after a week when i tried to retrieve the data i got the following message
"F:\ Is not accessible
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable."

Then I started using teskdisk and i got this
one.png (17.16 KiB) Viewed 924 times
and analysing I got the following
sl2.jpg (35.1 KiB) Viewed 924 times
sl4.jpg (39.62 KiB) Viewed 924 times

Could anybody help me on that please?

Thank you!

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