Recovery using a small drive ?

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recovery using a small drive ?

#1 Post by Gtott »

Hello after formatting the wrong hard drive by accident. A long search of the internet & i found your PhotoRec software to help try & recover my lost files :D

I first tried the Windows 64-bit 6.14 beta release but it seem to go so far then keep scanning the same sectors of the driver over again. So i then tried your stable Windows 6.13 release & that is working just fine.

The only problem i have is the hard drive that i formatted was a 3/4 full 2TB drive. The problem is i only have a 500GB empty drive to extract files onto. I don't really want to buy another 2TB drive. Is it possible to pause the extraction process then restart where it left off ? As i was hoping to try to cleanout the files onto dvd disc to reclaim back the free space on the dump drive before continuing. Or my second idea was to run the program again then delete the recup_dir folders that i have managed to previously extract and burn. Assuming the program extracts the same files into the same recup_dir each time it is run ? Any suggestions would be great thank you for your help and for the helpful software it's greatly appreciated.


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Re: Recovery using a small drive ?

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Yes, you can pause the process, choose Stop when running PhotoRec. Don't quit the program. Remove the unwanted files, resume the recovery.