PhotoRec Freezing / Hanging

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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PhotoRec Freezing / Hanging

#1 Post by bfarnam » 29 Dec 2012, 20:35

I am trying to recover jpeg files from an accidental system restore / reformat on an HP PC. Running PhotoRec in normal mode recovering just .jpg runs just fine and recovers a ton of jpeg files. Running PhotoRec in BruteForce mode (trying to find more jpeg files) seems to hang after the initial non-BruteForce pass on BruteForce Test 0.

I have attached a screen capture of what the display is. Is has been like this for over 24 hours. CPU utilization is at 15% total for the entire system. The application will not respond to any commands. I have forced quit the application and restarted this process several times and always get the same result.

Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?
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