Help: Partition Magic made my Win 7 hard drive unbootable

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Help: Partition Magic made my Win 7 hard drive unbootable

#1 Post by mhsu408 »

I mistakingly installed Partition Magic on my Win 7 64 bit machine. When the software first loaded, it said it found errors, and I had it correct the errors. Without doing anything additional, next thing I knew I had a BSOD and when I rebooted my PC, I could not longer get into Win 7. I installed another hard drive in my PC and loaded Win 7 on it so I could see what happened to my original HD. When I go to disk management, I am able to see Disk 0, the disk I want to access. Unfortunately, for the 596.07GB partition, I am unable to assign a drive letter. This is what I see in Disk Management:


I ran TestDisk, and see the following in my Analyses:


What do i need to do to get access to the entire Disk 0?

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Re: Help: Partition Magic made my Win 7 hard drive unbootab

#2 Post by Fiona »

Did you use the 64-bit version?
Currently it's recommended to use the 6.14WIP (beta) 32-bit version.
Your disk geometry looks wrong.
The sector value might be 63.
Would it be possible to use testdisk 6.14 and upload a screen shot from TestDisk and Analyse?
If your geometry still looks wrong, you can use the menu "Geometry to correct the value at Geometry / Sector and the value is 63!
You can repeat your diagnose.