Can photorec_win damage my disk (or is it READ-ONLY) ??

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Can photorec_win damage my disk (or is it READ-ONLY) ??

#1 Post by bauhau » 15 Jan 2013, 11:59


I'm wondering if running photorec_win with bad options could damage my disk, ie, does it WRITE / modify the disk, or is it READ-ONLY ?

i have a 2.5" disc from my car stereo.

my windows pc could not initialise it, but it did show up in windows 'Disk Management'.

i ran photorec_win.exe, and it saw the drive, and i proceeded after selecting file sytem "OTHER" 'FAT32....', but it gave errors reading each sector.

so i tried running and selecting filesystem "EXT2/EXT3".

about this time windows started complaining that my device was in a USB1 hub, when it wasn't.

now, windows disk management no longer sees the drive, and nor does photorec_win.

i can hear my disk spinning up, but seems now my computer cannot see it at all.

any hep much appreciated.

thx James

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