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Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Weird Partition Table Structure

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I had WIndows 7 installed on my 500GB hard drive with Ubuntu installed on another drive using WUBI (Windows based Ubuntu installer).
I resized my Windows drive and Ubuntu stopped booting. I just uninstalled it and earlier this year upgraded my Windows to Windows 8. However, I just wanted to install Ubuntu once more, so I tried to install it using WUBI once again.
The installer stated the following error: "No root file system is defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu".
After searching the internet to find a solution, I found out that I can use TestDisk to see if my partition table is right. Therefore, I just downloaded and installed it.
The normal analyse function states that my partition table is fine and there isn't any error. However, using deeper analyse the result as the attached file shows will be displayed.
As you might have noticed, the list of partitions is too long and I had to make three different screenshots as it didn't fit in one.

I wonder if you could help me to solve this issue.
Many thanks in advance.
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Re: Weird Partition Table Structure

#2 Post by mdbluelily »

Solved it by deleting the unknown partitions.