SD card - different results on two pcs

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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SD card - different results on two pcs

#1 Post by waltermann »

I wonder if you could point me to a possible cause of this symptom.

Reading an SD card (formatted by Swann camera) on two separate computers via a USB card reader -

Computer 1 - XP Home - Windows lists files but refuses to copy - "parameter incorrect" - will not open files (avi or jpg) - PhotoRec and TestDisc report "Invalid FAT boot sector" - "Bad Ending Cylinder - CHS and LBS don't match" - No files recovered at all (not even those Windows lists)

Computer 2 - XP Professional - Windows lists, copies and displays correctly - PhotoRec and TestDisc work fine - FAT16 - recovers current and some previously deleted files .

Does this point to a problem with the USB ports on Computer 1?


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Re: SD card - different results on two pcs

#2 Post by cgrenier »

Maybe an USB driver problem... Apply latest Windows updates on your computer and check if the problem remains.