Error opening .doc/.docx Word documents after recovery

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Error opening .doc/.docx Word documents after recovery

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My laptop hard drive was wiped due to a Trojan virus and I used either testdisk 6.14 or photorec to recover all lost dataI. After over 30hrs. I was left with a ton of folders named "recup_dir". There were way too many to even try to find the files I need. So, I ran the script "" and after another 30+ hrs, my files were put into folders sorted by file extension. Granted, I have folders that I have no idea what the extensions are....I was pretty satisfied, until I went to open any files in the .doc and .docx folders.
The file names look correct and it even shows the MS Word icon by them. When I click to open, it says its opening a Windows 97-2003 document and prompts me to convert it. I tried every conversion option and only see garbled characters. The second issue is that when I attempt to open other Word documents, I receive an error saying the contents cannot be opened.

I really need to view these documents. I am using MS Office 2010 Professional with MS Windows 7 Home Premium.

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Re: Error opening .doc/.docx Word documents after recovery

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Can you send me by email a zip archive with some of those recovered .doc files ?