how to recreate partition

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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how to recreate partition

#1 Post by funkyjunky »

I accidentally issue a "clean" command using disk part under win on the macos hdd.
testdisk under win7 sees that partitions but cant write the partition table "function write_part_mac not implemented" (is it hard to implement?)
gparted live dont see that disk
Paragon Advanced Recovery CD for Partition Manager 10.0 Server Edition sees the disk but cant find any partitions
please have a look at the partitions found by testdisk :

can you please tell me how can i recreate that 2 macos partition so that i can boot to my macosx again?

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Re: how to recreate partition

#2 Post by Fiona »

If you have an Intel Mac you can write your partitions.
If you have an older Mac (Power PC and partition map) TestDisk only provides the result and you can use pdisk to write your partitions.
Info; ... 28Intel.29


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Re: how to recreate partition

#3 Post by funkyjunky »

Fiona, thank you for your reply.
Unfortunatley ,I dont have a working MacOS to try a workaround mentioned buy you in your previous message because if I am not mistaken pdisk is avialable only on MacOS. I would very appreciate you If you can point me at the website where I can download a freeware live cd/usb that includes the correct version of this software.
I was able to burn a bootable USB with Live Knoppix OS which includes "GNU parted 2.3" package. Would you be so kind please and tell me what commands I have to use to restore my partition table? I'd like to remind that the disk which partition table I want to recover had a MacOS installed.

Thank you