startup space filled on a Mac

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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startup space filled on a Mac

#1 Post by sh3063 »

Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone can help me please. I used testdisk to recover data from our broken down Dell Inspiron internal hard drive. It has win 7 professional installed and then suddenly stopped working and not booting at all. Win 7 DVD couldn't repair anything and the diagnostic test showed code 2000-0146, which meant the hard is dead! Fortunately everything had back up except the most recent family videos and pictures.

I put the 500GB WD 2.5 SATA in a caddy and attached it to my Macbook air (64GB SSD, 2gb RAM, OS 10.6.8) with a USB. Ran testdisk which managed to recognise the hard and show the five partitions that I made. I chose to "creat an image" from the desired partition onto my 2TB external Samsung Drive. After something like 10-15% the whole thing came to a halt with a massage that my destination drive does not have enough space left! My MAc also said that the start up disk is full. I was pretty sure that I have selected the external hard and not the internal one. so I stopped the whole thing, deleted some files from MAc, and did the whole thing again. same problem came back.

I have searched my Mac and cannot find any data stored by testdisk anywhere that I can delete or copy. I have searched the external and there is no data over there either. Ran Onyx on my Mac to find any temporary file and delete it, and that did not work.

Now I am left with two problems:

1- a broken hard that cannot make image from its data
2- a macbook air that using (or misusing) testdisk has partial image created on, but I cannot find it. and is occupying space!

Any ideas how to solve either problems?


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Re: startup space filled on a Mac

#2 Post by Zhebe »

I have the same problem except I found the file of testdisk which ended in .dd the file was image.dd and it was 267gb. My problem goes further because I deleted this file with delete short cut cmd+d and the file disappeared but the data is still showing as startup disk full. 17mb left. So then I transferred a whole lot of files to an external disk and still says my disk is full