Recover HDV video from CF Card

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Recover HDV video from CF Card

#1 Post by dkdempsey »

My Sony Z7 records mpeg transport stream. The file structure of a CF card recording HDV, when mounted on desktop, is:
Video (mounted volume) > Video (folder) > HVR (folder) > .m2t (video transport stream files), .idx (text/metadata files), tracks.dat (metadata?)

I trashed the entire Video folder on a Mac desktop, 6GB of material on a 32GB card.

I ran PhotoRec, and the recovered files are:

f0016384.gz (icon appears to be a .zip on the Mac) - 33 KB - 2.13 GB
f4182400.m2t - 2.13 GB - 2.15 GB
f58439424.avi - 1.07 GB - 33 KB
f60713856.plist - 33 KB
f60714048.sqlite - 98 KB
f60716032.gz - 40.3 MB
f60794688.dv - 402 MB
report.xml - 8 KB

This is an odd collection. Of the 15+ minutes of shooting, perhaps 4-5 clips, ONLY the final clip is recovered here, the .m2t file which is a 10-minute clip. It opens in MPEG Streamclip, can be exported back to an HDV format .mov and imported into Final Cut Pro.

The avi file is an OLD piece of standard def, that was erased when the card was formatted IN CAMERA, before my recovered shoot. Likewise the long DV clip.

The rest of the files are a mystery to me.

Does anyone know a) How to determine if PhotoRec has recovered all 4-5 clips from my trashed shoot, even though only ONE shows up here? And b) How to reconstruct, from all these files, the original file structure of the card?