Raid 5 recovery/filesystem scan

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Raid 5 recovery/filesystem scan

#1 Post by ZeTeRiCK »

Hello thanks for the help in advance.

I have the following Problem:

I am trying to scan for filesystems on an Raid 5 Array, Problem is CHS geometry defaults to 2 H 4 S and many C
when I start to analyze, it tells me wrong heads and wrong sectors and that it should be 255/63. Is that applicable to a Raid5 array ?
The thing is it does find filesystems also the one I would like to recover but it doesnt let me safe it.
I also tried the testdisk suggestion of 255/63, that throws no erros but also doesnt find anything useful (progress is at 17% at the time of this post).

How do I Scan my Raid 5 array for filesystems so I can safe it to Disk at the end ?

Some more Infos regarding the Raid 5 Array:
It is a Raid 5 Array with 6 Disks, missing Disk 2 of the Array the Array is started with 5 of 6 drives.
It was created with a Chunksize of 1024, is left-symmetric and if I do a mdadm --examine on the array Disks all superblocks show up as correct, metadata is safed in 1.2 format.