Cannot list files

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Cannot list files

#1 Post by dragons88 »

I have been trying to recover an external hard disk that went RAW using TestDisk. Now I go through the usual quick search and then deep search and find 5 partitions for the same unique partition. So I want to see which one is the actual one. When I press "p", for some it works and I see what's inside, for some others Testdisk just crashes and I just lost hours of deep search in a second (the disk is 1TB...). Can anyone help me?
I'm wondering if I can just use the cylinder start and end address to define which partition is the write one?

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Re: Cannot list files

#2 Post by dragons88 »

Here are the different partitions found after deep search: ... .10.23.jpg
I suspect the second of being the right one considering the ending cylinder address. Is that correct?

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Re: Cannot list files

#3 Post by Fiona »

Did you use the 64bit-version?
Currently, TestDisk6.14WIP 32bit is recommended.
If testdisk crashes, can indicate that the file system is damaged?
If you see your files on one partition and if it's displayed as D (deleted-> you can watch it at the left side of the partition) you can use the left or right arrow key on your keyboard to set it as P for primary.
Pressing enter after setting up for recovery, you'll get to the display to write your partition into your partition table.
Please mark "Write" and press enter.
You'll register your partition in your partition table.
If your boot sector is damaged, you'll get another message that your boot sector is bad.
To repair it, mark Backup BS and press enter to confirm.
You'll write your backup of the boot sector over your damaged boot sector and it should be repaired.
Restart your PC.
Also, you have the possibility to copy/backup your data using testdisk.
If you list your files, at the bottom of the screen ypu'll find all the commands.
To change directories, you can mark that two dots and press enter until you get to your disk selection.
You can select another disk.
If you'd like to recover you data into a folder, you can mark it and using your right arrow key to enter a folder.
Starting the copy process, you'll find the commands at the bottom of the screen.