write access for this media is not available

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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write access for this media is not available

#1 Post by woosigi23 »


I have done following stupid mistake.

1. I'm with Mac Ox 10.6.4 (New Macbook white) and I have had window OS A: (30GB) and H: Data (100GB) C: Mac OS (120 GB).

2. I have accidentally deleted A: and B: drive in Mac OS. ( I was trying to only delete A: drive T.T) So it is just C: Mac OS (250GB) remained.

3. I hope to recover H: (100GB) using testdrive.

I have following problems while using testdrive.

1. write access for this media is not available. Testdrive won't be able to modify it.
I have used Sudo in the first page and type my Mac password (is this correct?) But still above message appears.

2. Anyway, I have ignored and continued and quick search and it says the harddisk (250GB/232GiB) seems too smlall! check harddisk size: HD jumpers and settings, BIOS detection.

Could you please help me with this... :o
Also, how to insert images in this page?

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Re: write access for this media is not available

#2 Post by Fiona »

Do you have a Power Mac or Intel Mac?
Intel Mac you can write your partition using testdisk but power mac you need pdisk to write your partition.
Intel Mac uses EFI GPT and Power Mac partition map.
It's important to distinguish your partition table types.
Some Info;
http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/OS_Notes ... 28Intel.29