Disk too small

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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Disk too small

#1 Post by minieagle »

Hi !
I am new to this forum (and testdisk as a tool) and I have an USB disk where I´m trying to receover the partition. Please let me have your suggestions. I receive the message "The harddisk (500 GB/465 GiB) seems too small!" (<2450GB / 2283 GiB).
The following partitions can't be recovered

Partition Start End Size in sectors
> FAT32 50099 82 49 297953 84 37 3981774625
FAT16 LBA 70520 22 8 191104 193 62 1937192788

Here is the log file:
TestDisk 6.12, Data Recovery Utility, May 2011
Christophe GRENIER <grenier@cgsecurity.org>
OS: Linux, kernel 3.0.4-pmagic (#1 SMP Sat Sep 3 17:11:11 CDT 2011) i686
Compiler: GCC 4.5
Compilation date: 2011-05-15T12:36:01
ext2fs lib: 1.41.14, ntfs lib: libntfs-3g, reiserfs lib: none, ewf lib: none
/dev/sda: LBA, LBA48, DCO support
/dev/sda: size 312581808 sectors
/dev/sda: user_max 312581808 sectors
/dev/sda: dco 312581808 sectors
Warning: can't get size for Disk /dev/mapper/control - 0 B - CHS 1 1 1, sector size=512
/dev/sr0 is not an ATA disk
Hard disk list
Disk /dev/sda - 160 GB / 149 GiB - CHS 19457 255 63, sector size=512 - ATA TOSHIBA MK1652GS
Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - CHS 60801 255 63, sector size=512 - WD 5000BPV External
Disk /dev/sdc - 16 GB / 15 GiB - CHS 15474 64 32, sector size=512 - Corsair Voyager
Disk /dev/sr0 - 524 MB / 500 MiB - CHS 256048 1 1 (RO), sector size=2048 - HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50L

Partition table type (auto): Intel
Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - WD 5000BPV External
Partition table type: Intel

Analyse Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - CHS 60801 255 63
Geometry from i386 MBR: head=255 sector=63
check_part_i386 failed for partition type 07
Current partition structure:
Invalid NTFS or EXFAT boot
1 P HPFS - NTFS 0 32 33 60801 80 63 976771120
1 P HPFS - NTFS 0 32 33 60801 80 63 976771120
No partition is bootable
Ask the user for vista mode
Allow partial last cylinder : No
search_vista_part: 0

Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - CHS 60801 255 63
Search for partition aborted



No partition found or selected for recovery
simulate write!

write_mbr_i386: starting...
write_all_log_i386: starting...
No extended partition

Analyse Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - CHS 60801 255 63
Geometry from i386 MBR: head=255 sector=63
check_part_i386 failed for partition type 07
Current partition structure:
Invalid NTFS or EXFAT boot
1 P HPFS - NTFS 0 32 33 60801 80 63 976771120
1 P HPFS - NTFS 0 32 33 60801 80 63 976771120
No partition is bootable
Ask the user for vista mode
Computes LBA from CHS for Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - CHS 60802 255 63
Allow partial last cylinder : Yes
search_vista_part: 1

Disk /dev/sdb - 500 GB / 465 GiB - CHS 60802 255 63
file_pread(5,16,buffer,538740752(33535/15/33)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,630456446(39244/25/12)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,630456446(39244/25/12)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,630472767(39245/29/16)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,630472767(39245/29/16)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,630571134(39251/60/40)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,630571144(39251/60/50)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,630587455(39252/64/44)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,630587471(39252/64/60)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,630587471(39252/64/60)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,630593536(39252/161/14)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631093327(39283/189/26)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631093328(39283/189/27)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631109648(39284/193/30)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631142526(39286/205/22)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631142526(39286/205/22)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631158847(39287/209/26)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631158847(39287/209/26)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631257214(39293/240/50)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631257224(39293/240/60)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631273535(39294/244/54)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631273551(39294/245/7)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631273551(39294/245/7)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631279616(39295/86/24)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631289856(39295/248/58)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631779407(39326/114/36)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631779408(39326/114/37)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631789647(39327/22/7)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631795728(39327/118/40)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631838846(39330/38/3)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631838846(39330/38/3)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631844927(39330/134/36)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631844928(39330/134/37)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631861248(39331/138/40)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631861248(39331/138/40)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631868769(39332/3/1)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631953534(39337/73/31)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631953544(39337/73/41)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631959615(39337/170/1)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631959631(39337/170/17)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,631959631(39337/170/17)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,631975936(39338/174/5)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632469630(39369/105/31)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,632469640(39369/105/41)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632485951(39370/109/35)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632485967(39370/109/51)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,632485967(39370/109/51)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632502272(39371/113/39)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632591647(39377/2/17)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632600655(39377/145/16)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632616976(39378/149/20)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632649854(39380/161/12)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,632649856(39380/161/14)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632666175(39381/165/16)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,632666176(39381/165/17)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,632672256(39382/6/49)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,632672256(39382/6/49)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633133119(39410/182/4)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633133120(39410/182/5)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633149440(39411/186/8)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633149440(39411/186/8)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633247823(39417/217/48)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633247824(39417/217/49)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633264144(39418/221/52)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633264144(39418/221/52)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633307262(39421/141/15)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633307262(39421/141/15)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633313343(39421/237/48)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633313343(39421/237/48)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633813071(39453/9/60)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633829392(39454/14/1)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633862270(39456/25/56)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633862272(39456/25/58)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633878591(39457/29/60)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633878592(39457/29/61)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633884672(39457/126/30)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633884672(39457/126/30)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,633894912(39458/34/1)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,633894912(39458/34/1)) read err: Input/output error
BAD_RS LBA=804845649 1072829
check_part_i386 failed for partition type 0B
FAT32 50099 82 49 297953 84 37 3981774625
This partition ends after the disk limits. (start=804845649, size=3981774625, end=491652977, disk end=976784130)
BAD_RS LBA=1132905193 15547509
check_FAT: can't read FAT boot sector
check_part_i386 failed for partition type 0E
FAT16 LBA 70520 22 8 191104 193 62 1937192788
This partition ends after the disk limits. (start=1132905193, size=1937192788, end=3070097980, disk end=976784130)
file_pread(5,16,buffer,911841343(56759/127/8)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,911841344(56759/127/9)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,912251214(56785/3/1)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,912251216(56785/3/3)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,912279631(56786/199/5)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,912289855(56787/106/23)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,912289871(56787/106/39)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,912289871(56787/106/39)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,912300095(56788/13/57)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,912300096(56788/13/58)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,912300158(56788/14/57)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,912300158(56788/14/57)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,916258879(57034/121/47)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,16,buffer,916258895(57034/121/63)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,916258895(57034/121/63)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,916289552(57036/98/39)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,916289552(57036/98/39)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,916331551(57039/0/17)) read err: Partial read
file_pread(5,1,buffer,916331552(57039/0/18)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,916332670(57039/18/2)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,1,buffer,916332670(57039/18/2)) read err: Input/output error
file_pread(5,16,buffer,916779024(57066/218/1)) read err: Partial