Filesystem seems damaged

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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Filesystem seems damaged

#1 Post by ChrisP »


I have 2 hard drives in my computer, main one for windows and programs and another to store my files. The hard drive which I use for my files has become corrupted. When I try to access it all I get is an error message saying

E:\ is not accessible

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

I searched around on the net and found lost of info about TestDisk so decided to give that a try but when I try and access the files on the corrupted hard drive TestDisk just says

Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged


Uploaded with

Is there anyway I can get access to the files on this hard drive or are they lost forever?

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Re: Filesystem seems damaged

#2 Post by superdjmars »

I have the same exact issue on an external USB drive.
It happened out of the blue.. last week... I bet there is some malicious trojan out there causing problems.

anyway... I used TestDisk.. but I am also stuck at the same point of you and cannot find any documentation on how to repair this.
I used EASEUS Data Recovery Professional 5.01 and although it took a long time, I recovered all my data and backed it up to another drive.
I've taken the drive out of the enclosure and connected it via Serial ATA to my computer and cannot find a way to get windows to detect the 1TB of data. If the software can recover it.. there must be a way to fix the error with the file system that has destroyed our file systems.
Please let me know if you find anything.

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Re: Filesystem seems damaged

#3 Post by nemesis2497 »

I heve the very same issue. Also TestDisk reports that my disk size maybe too small claiming it should be 160gb yet the drive is 80gb. HDAT2 reports and scans the proper dirve size and Test Disk reports 74 gb on the fujitsu 80 gb drive. It starts reporting a size mismatch when doing a deep scan. Yet it still claims the the FS is corrupt with no option to fix or procede. When trying to enter the file utilities it just always errors out. this happens whether the drive is installed in the PC and when connected via a USB adaptor.