micro sdcard filesystem repair/file recovery

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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micro sdcard filesystem repair/file recovery

#1 Post by DarcMarc »

I have a Polaroid 32gb class 10 micro sdcard that has worked fine in my Android phone and Computer for months now. Upon returning from a trip to Indiana (I don't know why I went there either.), this sdcard would not be recognized by my Linux computer or my Android phone. I ran testdisk and r-studio, both of which would finally see the drive as "Generic SD card reader", but stated that the drive was only 1mb large. Testdisk informs me that the size allocation has to match up but I don't know how to make it match up. The BIOS didn't help me at all.

Upon inserting the drive on a Windows computer, it would lable it a raw filesystem with absolutely no size at all. It almost goes without saying but I have some pretty important stuff on there I would like to recover. Also, I would like to know if it is possible for the Airport TSA scanners to be responsible for this.

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Re: micro sdcard filesystem repair/file recovery

#2 Post by UliS »

I had a similar problem, but found a company in Dresden/Germany that was able to help. I would have lost half of my vacation photos if it wouldn’t have been for Recoverfab, who were able to retrieve them from a faulty compact flash card. One of my cf cards caused an error message in my camera and became unreadable by the card reader, too. All other cf cards worked fine however, the one with all the photos from Italy just couldn’t be recognized by the computer. I did an internet query only to discover that most data recovery products are software applications, but my card problem seemed to be a more complex issue. It looked like I had to accept that these vacation photos would only be stored as ‘mental’ images, when I ran across http://recoverfab.com . Recoverfab opens the faulty device, retrieves its memory via a detour avoiding the damaged control circuit and voila: All your photos are at your disposal. Check out their website and watch the posted videos about this process. Pretty impressive! I first read about them while still traveling in Germany (I was literally only 2 hours away from them), but thought clearly there has to be a company like this in the USA. Nope, there’s not!!! After I’d returned to the States, I contacted Leopold Hiersche from Recoverfab, mailed my damaged device on 8/2/2013 and had access to my photos by 8/9/2013! Recoverfab’s service is not free, but definitely worth the money. And by the way, they work with all kinds and sizes of memory cards! I am very pleased with Recoverfab's service. Maybe they can help you too.

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Re: micro sdcard filesystem repair/file recovery

#3 Post by rominadalessandro5 »

I wrote a novel which I saved on my computer as well as backed up in an SD card. However, one day I edited some of the chapters and forgot to save the changes to my computer, and those files ended up only on my SD card. I moved houses and it seems that in the coming and going it got bent or something, and when I stuck it into my laptop, it did not read it. I tried it on other computers and it was never recognized. I was in utter horror for I did not want to make those changes again--I could never find the same words. I looked online for solutions but nothing worked, and thus I decided that the SD card must be broken. I figured I would get a professional to retrieve the data, but it all looked too pricey. Until I discovered Recoverfab (recoverfab.com). I only saw good reviews and it wasn't supposed to cost too much. I especially liked the fact that if they couldn't retrieve those files, they wouldn't charge. I was a little skeptical because they're based in Germany, and I felt a little weird about sending the card overseas. However, something told me I should, and I mailed it. They received it within a week and the next day I received an email saying they had already recovered the data. So quick! It only cost about 200 euros (way cheaper than anything of the sort in the US), and they even gave me a discount. I am absolutely amazed! Thank you, Recoverfab!

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Re: micro sdcard filesystem repair/file recovery

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