MS Server 2012 Storage Spaces

How to use TestDisk to recover lost partition
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MS Server 2012 Storage Spaces

#1 Post by philly1969 »


Does anyone have any experience of Server 2012 Storage Spaces?

Basically, I have a storage space, made spanned from 3 physical disks, totaling over 4TB.

Within that storage space, I had a virtual disk, which then contained data.

The issue I have:

The virtual disk has been deleted and a new disk re-created in the storage space, I do believe however storage spaces only quickly formats when created.

I've used a few different applications like R-studio & Restorer Ultimate, they can see the majority of the files on the newly created virtual disk however corrupt when restored.

Does anyone have any ideas with how to proceed?

Thank you in advance,

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Re: MS Server 2012 Storage Spaces

#2 Post by chuubaka »

Anyone can provide some advice on using testdisk to recover data from microsoft's storage spaces? I don't see an option to select more than one disk at a time for storage space recovery. I am using windows server 2012 essentials. I am trying to recover two 3TB drives in a 'simple' (raid 0 I guess) storage space. Does anyone have any advice on recovering data from storage spaces using this application? The two drives show is disk management show as healthy basic (storage spaces protective partition) Thanks.

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Re: MS Server 2012 Storage Spaces

#3 Post by cgrenier »

If you run PhotoRec, do you see the logical volume ? Can you a recovery and check if the recovered files are ok or not ?