SD Card not found in TestDisk interface

Using TestDisk to repair the filesystem
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SD Card not found in TestDisk interface

#1 Post by Wolfsfang » 13 Jun 2013, 22:43

My cellphone has killed the formating of 2 sd cards i used in it by now.
I tried to regain some of the data by plugging it into an usb card reader and using TestDisk to recover the files.
Windows recognizes the sd reader as drive D.\ and lets me access it if i have another sd card in it.
If i try to access it with the sd card from my ellphone it says that it needs to be formated.
In the TestDisk menu it doesn't show up at all.
I just have a generic card reader entry that uses 32 of 30 mb and has no recoverable data. What would be my next step?

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