Paranoid with BrutoForce(on) Resumtion

Using PhotoRec to recover lost data
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Paranoid with BrutoForce(on) Resumtion

#1 Post by mahos »

The brute force thing really works great and recovers more files the only problem is that it doesn't support resumption from the point at witch it paused (for any reason) for example if the user pressed stop and then answered to "Do you really want to stop recovery ?" or if the partition to witch data is being recovered no longer has enough space and the recovery paused , such feature is of great importance and I urge the developer/s of the program to implement it as soon as possible.

it's especially of great importance for those who are recovering extremely large partition/disk and since photo rec recovers files in different sizes that can't be expected there is no way to guarantee that the disk to witch we are recovering has enough space for extremely large disk this would mean losing days of progress and starting all over a again.

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Re: Paranoid with BrutoForce(on) Resumtion

#2 Post by Rio2 »

I think I have ran into this same problem. My phase 1 has a few spots where it hangs (see my other thread: ... t4262.html), but luckily continues when I resume. However, now the scan has moved on to the brute force part, and I suspect that it is just brute forcing the results of the last resume (?).

Or is it, at least the last part of my resume had only 174 files, and now the process iterates numbers from 1 to 174... Should it do this? :?: